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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

M is for Modalities! There are so many ways to do "the work", however you define "the work". For me doing the work of healing has at times come with a lot of barriers. I am learning that being prepared with a variety of tools is helpful. Today to kick off the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, I worked with an energy healer in a 60-minute session using a technique known as Access Bars. Access Bars is a form of gentle hands-on energy healing that works with 32 points in your head to assist with release of...well a lot of junk. The healer I worked with asked if there were specific limiting beliefs I wanted to address or something more general. I laid on a massage type table as she worked with my general feelings of anxiety. I had to resist the urge to fall asleep several times during my session, because I have a mean snore and was not quite prepared for that level of vulnerability. I was given some water, after care instructions, and homework at the end of my session. I left the initial session feeling much like I do after a massage-light, relaxed, and at peace. In the next four weeks, I hope to share with you 3 other modalities I personally use to keep journeying towards healing. What else are y'all doing to heal?

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